The main goal for Puig in terms of achieving responsible manufacturing is to increase production and quality while minimizing environmental impacts, through its framework to achieve continuous improvement based on corporate policies and accomplishment of legal requirements. This objective is focused on waste management and obtaining greater energy and water efficiencies.

After achieving zero waste to landfill and 100% renewable energy at all plants in 2016, in 2017 we continued to consolidate these accomplishments and decrease our environmental impact and the GHG emissions generated in the production process.

EMS software implanted in all production sites
Puig has completed the implementation of its Energy Management System software to monitor all consumption of electricity, gas and water at the Alcalá and Vacarisses plants. In 2018, it will be implemented at the Besós and Chartres plants for gas and water.

7% reduction in emissions per unit produced
In 2017, despite increasing our emissions in absolute terms in the plants, we have managed to reduce the KPI (t CO2 eq/1000 uts) by 7% in all factories.

12% reduction in water consumption per unit produced
In 2017 Puig carried out a series of actions in all plants towards sustainable water consumption, allowing the company to reduce the water consumption KPI: we achieved decreased water use in the manufacture of each product.

2 % reduction in electricity consumption per hour of operation
In line with the company’s aim of achieving neutral carbon production, all plants continue to obtain their electricity from renewable sources and the company continues to work on the Energy Efficiency Model based on Standard ISO 50001. Furthermore, the plants have implemented various initiatives in order to reduce the consumption of electricity and gas such as changing conventional lighting systems to LED, refrigeration-system improvements, sectorization and insulation improvements.