The fifth pillar of the Puig Sustainability Program is focused on reducing the environmental impact of the company’s employees and facilities. It is necessary to engage employees and suppliers because they play a fundamental role.

Most of the GHG emissions associated with employees in 2017 came from vehicle fleet and business travel, therefore certain initiatives were put in place to reduce the impact of these activities.

27% reduction in paper consumption per employee
The company works continually on reducing impacts per employee. In 2017, due to different actions developed at corporate headquarters to reduce paper consumption (a new print manager software, different paper, digitalization of pay slips) we achieved a reduction of 27% in paper consumption per employee and a decrease by 33% in terms of GHG emissions (t CO2 eq./full time employee).

5% reduction of waste generated per employee
Among the 2017 achievements, waste reduction and improved waste management allow the company to reduce its related emissions through various initiatives.

Improved recycling and waste reduction initiatives such as eliminating disposable cups at the cafeteria or changing delivery materials for employee orders, have enabled the company to reduce waste generated by 5%.

Reduction of water consumption by 5% per employee
Initiatives at Paris headquarters have contributed to reduce water consumption by 5% (l/ Full time employee).

Zero Waste to Landfill at Barcelona and Paris Offices
Waste reduction and improvements in waste treatment have led to an increase in the waste recovery from 48% to 99%, resulting in Zero Waste to Landfill at the Barcelona and Paris offices.