One of the main pillars and priorities of the company’s strategy is the sustainable sourcing of ingredients and raw materials along the supply chain, transmitting corporate values and commitments to the suppliers, and encouraging them to adopt sustainable politics and practices.

In 2017, Puig went a step further and shared its Sustainable Sourcing Policy (SSP) with suppliers, followed by an evaluation and monitoring of their performance with regard to sustainability.

Sustainable Sourcing Policy communication
The company conducted the first campaign to communicate its Sustainable Sourcing Policy (SSP), a framework for suppliers to develop a more sustainable and responsible business, while ensuring compliance with the Puig Ethical Code.

First supplier evaluation campaign (75% of response rate)
In 2017, Puig developed the first supplier evaluation campaign in collaboration with EcoVadis, an external rating platform that allows the company to monitor the impact in terms of environment, labor practices, fair business practices, and sustainable procurement of its strategic suppliers.

89% of cardboard folding obtained from sustainable sources
In 2015, the company adopted the ambitious objective of ensuring that materials are purchased from suppliers who procure fiber from forests managed in a sustainable manner. To achieve 100% of cardboard from sustainable sources in 2020, Puig developed a Cardboard Sustainability Program to improve year after year.

Almost 100% of the alcohol used obtained from sustainable options
The company’s main suppliers ensure better agricultural practices, better production and decreased GHG emissions from transportation (67% of the company’s alcohol suppliers evaluated by EcoVadis have a Gold rating).