“2017 marked a milestone on our path towards achieving the goals we established for 2020.”

“The time has come to redefine our roadmap for the next three years and we have decided to take the next logical step of aligning our corporate sustainability strategy with those Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations upon which we can make the biggest impact. Always keeping in mind that we are doing all that is in our hands and acting responsibly within the possibilities of the luxury industry”

The following pages are devoted to the major projects pursued during 2017 relating to the five pillars of our Sustainability Program: Product Stewardship, Sustainable Sourcing, Responsible Logistics, Responsible Manufacturing, and Employees and Facilities. Thanks to your collective involvement and efforts, we have been able to achieve the targets set for every one of these areas.

As you know, every day we do our utmost to raise the bar for sustainable practices within the luxury sector. Our objective: to make the world a better place for future generations by constantly seeking to strike a better balance between our business activity and environmental protection. Thanks to everyone for making this possible!

Marc Puig
Chairman and CEO