The company is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products in each stage of their life cycle.

Each step is treated considering all the processes progressively, from the design to the end of the life cycle in order to reduce and optimize the use of resources and use more sustainable and recyclable materials, without forgetting to maintain the demanding aesthetic requirements.

Reduction of 13% in the weight of plastic trays from coffrets
The company works to improve the packaging of its products by substituting more sustainable materials and increasing recyclability. In 2017, Puig developed a specific project for reducing polystyrene plastic (PS) used in the thermoformed trays of coffrets, in collaboration with ITENE.

Starting dialogue with our customers
This year, Puig has been working on the dialogue with its customers, to listen their opinions on the company’s commitment and actions in terms of sustainability, by conducting a Market Research Study. As main conclusions, consumers are concerned about ingredients and the composition of products, nevertheless active participation of public administrations and business is key to encourage consumers’ behavior.

Continued update of the white and black lists of ingredients
In 2017, Puig developed The White Book of Materials and Processes about the origin, extraction, characteristics, and recyclability of materials used by the company.

The company has also made available White and Black lists of “favorite” and “to avoid” ingredients. The lists are revised and updated every year, to include new suppliers or ingredients and taking new trends, legislation and studies into account.